Thank you for considering Hermeneutic Chaos as a home for your work!

Hermeneutic Chaos publishes six online editions in a year, in the months of January, March, May, July, September and November. It also publishes up to ten chapbooks every year through its press. 

We welcome submissions by authors from diverse backgrounds and  literary preferences. We admire all forms of experimental, hybrid and avant-garde literature, collaborative writings, visual and graphic outpourings-anything that literature is capable of. 

Please note that while we accept simultaneous submissions, we do not accept work that has been previously published. If you wish to know more about the kind of work that we publish, please visit the current and previous issues on our website.

Please submit multiple poetry/prose in one document. We request you not to submit more than once in the same category at a time. However, we do encourage multiple submissions across categories. 

You may submit up to five poems of any length to us at a time in a single word document. 

We greatly admire poems that have a strong sensory appeal with an enthusiastic linguistic freedom, where words contemplate the interpretations of instincts and deeper strokes of human dilemma. We do not generally embrace a poetic vision constrained by the limitations of a rhyming scheme. 

Thank you considering us as a home for your work.

You may submit up to three prose pieces to us at a time in a single word document. However, please ensure that these do not exceed 3000 words together. 

We primarily look for prose that is eclectic in nature, uses language in interesting ways, and encourages the readers to admire the subtle aesthetics of the smaller narrative moments in the plot.  We are open to reading all genres of fiction, including fantasy and magic realism.

Please include a word count for each piece on the top of the page.

Thank you considering us as a home for your work!

You may submit up to six pieces at a time as separate attachments.

We welcome submissions of color/b&w photography, paintings/drawings, and digital art to be incorporated as the cover art of a particular issue of Hermeneutic Chaos. 

Thank you for considering us as a home for your work.