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Support our authors and their beautiful work by purchasing our entire 2016 catalog at a special discounted price of $50 including shipping.

The chapbooks that we published in 2016 conversed with a variety of ideas and motifs, all of them simple yet necessary. These are the words that will gather around you to cheer you, comfort you, and travel with you to worlds that are so passionate and generous in their offerings. 

Our 2016 catalog carries the following titles:

The Sonnets Anthology
Spindle, My Spindle by LeeAnn Olivier
Exquisite Duet by Allie Marini and Brennan DeFrisco
Marco Polo by Anita Olivia Koester
Natural Disasters by Emily Pinkerton
how wild and soft you are by Hilda Weaver, Nicci Mechler, Wendy Creekmore and Kristin Koester
We're Doing Witchcraft by E. Kristin Anderson
Escaped Housewife Tries Hard To Blend In by Karen Craigo
She May Be A Saint by Sarah Nichols

Happy reading!